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Wants to save time and reduce portrait editing cost but wants images to be professionally edited that meets your expectations, Soon you need a proficient and affordable photo editing service.

We have a professional portrait background remove expert to give every photo a corporate and professional look using Photoshop and Lightroom. Our clients can choose a dedicated project manager with team imaging editing services. Our portrait photo editors are the best in their field because they will make sure that each image that comes out of our production facility is of the best quality, meeting the demands of our clients

Portrait Retouching Services – What Does It Include?

If you are looking for a cutout portrait background instant! We are ready to provide you quality image background removal services at a competitive price. We have a professional portrait retoucher to bring your photos perfect looks.

Send us your raw portraits to edit and we will high end retouch them according to your specifications. We also aim to preserve the natural look of the image and make sure that it does not look artificial. Our outstanding services provide high-quality photos delivered quickly and conveniently. Our portrait retouching service includes the following:

Skin Retouching

Removing spots, blemishes, eye bags, and wrinkles, removing blemishes & stray hairs, giving the skin a “clean” look. When we do skin retouching, we make it look as natural as possible and we make sure that we maintain the skin texture.

Color Correction

This includes make-up correction or make-up application, teeth whitening, and changing the color of the eyes and hair.

Eliminates Imperfections

We eliminate imperfections which include removing unnecessary objects, fixing the background, and smoothing patchy skin.

Face Reshaping

This may include removing double chins and re-shaping the jawline.

Editing Portraits in Photoshop

Considered as the world’s best photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop has excellent tools that enhance portraits. Photoshop has features such as Culling, Camera Raw, Spot Healing, Frequency Separation, Toning, and Dodge and Burn.
    • ⚢ Culling ✔ It simply entails finding images that are pleasing to the human eye.
    • ⚢ Camera Raw ✔ It is used to create RAW adjustments such as adjusting the white balance and bringing back a few details in the highlights.
    • ⚢ Spot Healing ✔ This feature allows the editor to spot heal blemishes on the skin.
    • ⚢ Frequency Separation ✔ The main purpose of this particular tool is to fix mismatched skin tones.
  • ⚢ Toning ✔ This tool requires a subtle use of colors and a clear understanding of complementary colors.
  • ⚢ Dodge and Burn ✔ Dodge and Burn are tools used in Adobe Photoshop. They are used to lighten or darken certain areas of the image.
    ✔ Dodging is lightening an area by holding back light.
    ✔ Burning is increasing the exposure to darkened areas on a print.

Portrait Editing in Lightroom

Lightroom is a powerful and intuitive photo editing tool specifically designed for professional photographers. Using Lightroom, you can do the following with your portraits:
  • Check white balance.
  • Check the tonal range.
  • Adjust tonal distribution.
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles.
    • Use the Spot Removal Tool in a more refined and streamlined way.
    • Use the Adjustment Brush to selectively edit certain areas of a portrait without affecting other areas.

Family Portraits Retouch


At rainbowclipping.com, Our professionals are located in three countries, working round-the-clock and dedicated to helping photographers meet their deadlines. Our team of family portrait retouch experts will make sure that the finished product meets our client’s expectations.