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If you are looking for model cutout or image masking ( Hair and Fur Masking) service, Rainbow Clipping offer high-quality editing service.
We provide image background remove (clipping with masking) service according to clients requirement.

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Hair Alpha Masking


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We Provide Photo Masking Services for Professional Photographers, Studio Owners and Online Magazine Shops

Photoshop Masking is treated as more basic image editing operations. It uses to replace or remove the background of a complex photo which contains multiple turns and curves with a soft, unclear part, blurred portion and hair portions, etc. It is a very useful tool to eliminate or extract an object from the image.

Hair and Fur Masking plays a vital role if Clipping Path failed to provide proper solution of soft and complicated areas like hair, glasses, plastic bottles, smoke, lighting, and transparent objects. The basic differences between clipping path and Photoshop Masking are, clipping path doing hard and defined edges by using the pen tool and Photoshop Masking is treated as a complete solution of Background removal for soft and fuzzy edges which makes an image smoother & sharper by ensuring high quality.

Based on the complexity of image we do following masking task:

  • Layer Masking,
  • Alpha Channel or Raster Masking,
  • Hair and Fur Masking,
  • Transparent or Translucent Masking and,
  • College Masking.

Layer Masking:

We use Photoshop tools like Photoshop brush or Background eraser to get extra sharpness, cleanness and well-defined edges of a photo which applied for both soft and thin edges creating layers. It requires some specialized techniques to erase last unwanted bit which is possible by only our skilled professional team. It also requires coloring over the selection area to finish the project with a fruitful outcome by using the Photoshop tool. As per the requirement of the client, we do Alpha Layer Masking which is helpful for further modification. It is also mentionable that, you can see or hide a selected part or initial look by changing in the layer as Masking is not a permanent process.

Alpha Channel or Raster Masking:

Alpha Channel or Raster Masking is a complex and long processing service provided by Firstly, the photo separated from its background and save as ‘alpha image’. After that, the image processed at various channels to edit brightness, contrast, and exposure. In case of unclear color, we use the alpha channel for color combination of Red Green Blue (RGB) and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK). Alpha Channel Masking minimizes the file size which facilitates the uploading and downloading easily.

Hair and Fur Masking:

We separated Hair and Fur due to differentiation of the task. It has very thinner, softer and fuzzier sophisticated edges. By Hair and Fur Masking we can draw perfect lining to provide an authentic shape by adjusting color, contrast, and brightness. To provide the images a natural look our skilled and professional designers use pixel isolation and various effects.

Transparent or Translucent Masking:

Transparency of an object of a photo is most important as the sustainability of background image and color makes a photo more attractive and visible. Our experienced team can easily identify the percentage of transparency of color through the required object. For example; glasses, car glasses, water, etc have 0% to 5% opacity and sunglasses, bottles, feather, flame fireworks, lighting, etc can have 5% to 99% opacity.

Collage Masking:

Collage Masking is the combination of several objects within a single image. Collage Masking is very popular due to applying various effects, color, contrast, exposure, and retouching. The beauty of some single objects is representing through a single image by our experts. Various e-commerce businesses use collage masking to represent various photo of similar category product within a single photo.

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