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If your photos need background removal, first need to hire a professional photo background removal service provider. Retouching and editing photos take up a lot of time, precious time that should be spent running your business. This is especially true when there’s a large batch of photos that need to be edited. We take the cumbersome task of editing photos out of your hands so that you and your team can focus on growing your business and making a profit.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, image is everything. If you’re a photographer, publisher, magazine editor, online seller, or business owner, you need excellent product images. Your images have to pop to attract your target audience.

We Provide the Following Background Take Off Services:

Cutting out the White Background and Making it Transparent

Sometimes even a white background can be distracting or takes the focus away from the subject of the image. Cutting out a white background and making it transparent affects the whole image and enhances its quality. Since most online buyers judge a product or service based on what they see, a clear, attractive image plays a vital role in conversion rates.

Cutting Out the Background and Adding a Pure White Background

While taking pictures, a photographer considers many things. In some cases, the images may not get the perfect background. This means the background of the picture must be cut out. Having a white background for images creates a professional, cohesive look. If one of your company’s branding goals is to achieve a fresh, crisp, clean look, then consider cutting out the background in photos and adding a pure white background. If you’re not convinced, here are other compelling reasons why you should add a pure white background:

  • In marketing, white is considered open, honest, and pure.
  • In psychology, white gives off a safe and trusted image.
  • White is said to promote creativity and is associated with fresh beginnings.

Removing White Background

Sometimes, clients want to have viewers draw their eyes to the actual image they want to highlight. They want to showcase the details of the product and make it stand out. This can be achieved by removing the white background on a photograph. We can remove the white background from a photograph to create a cohesive look. If your images have a professional look, customers will see that your company values quality and you build trust and reliability. Removing a white background can be tricky. Our team of experts makes sure that all the images remain consistent and true to what it actually is. Our goal is to persuade shoppers to buy or to elicit the desired action from the viewer.

Removing Portrait Background and Making it Transparent (PNG)

For portraits, a little photo editing goes a long way. When the background of a portrait is removed and made transparent, it captures every last detail of the portrait, compelling buyers and customers to take notice.  It also draws attention to the image on the foreground. We create eye-catching portraits with this service. We make sure that we make natural, invisible cut-outs, which is ideal for printing in high resolution.

Taking Off Product Background and Adding a Pure White Background

If it is a product photo, it usually requires a pure white background to make the image stand out. Replacing a colored background and making it white also adds depth to a photograph. In fact, about 76% of online retailers prefer a pure white background for their product photos. Popular eCommerce websites such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay also require images to have a pure white background.  Here are some of the reasons why online retailers and eCommerce sites prefer a white background:

  • A white background is natural and simple.
  • Any type of product stands out against a pure white background.
  • A white background does not affect the appearance of the object.
  • Having a white background for all products creates uniformity.
  • Having a white background removes distractions, making viewers focus on a singular image.
  • There is evidence that shows that having a white background for products have a higher conversion rate versus other colors.

Converting JPEG to Transparent PNG

Having a PNG image file is better than JPEG because of the following reasons:

  • PNG usually supports transparent backgrounds while JPEG does not.
  • PNG images are usually clearer and less pixilated than JPEG images.
  • PNG stores images at a smaller file size.

We use Photoshop and Lightroom as our editing tools, providing the best-quality images for all your needs. Create a huge impact online with professional-looking, clean images. Our team of experienced editors takes pride in their work. We are committed to delivering top-notch images in a timely manner. Contact us and ask how you can avail of our photo background removal services.

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