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Are You Looking for Professional Clipping Path Service Providing Company to outsource Photo Post Production Process? Let’s Trial With Rainbow Clipping!


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Rainbow Clipping Always Offer Affordable Price but without suffering Quality.

Clipping Path Service For Photographer & Web Shop

Rainbowclipping provide cheap but quality hand drawn clipping path service for photographers, photo studio, retailers, online ecommerce shop 24/7 a years with quick tournaround time. Hair and Fur image clipping with masking keeping 100% quality & color. Our image processing systems always priority client demand.

Key Features : Monthly & Weekly Payment  Real Time Delivery Unlimited Revision Safe FTP  Easy Files Upload & Download System Dedicated Designer For Regular Clients

Looking For Low Cost Image Editing Service Provider? We Make Every Photos Corporate & Professionals Looks


Image Process
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Clipping Simple Image

Need to Outsource Auto Image Clipping?

Clipping Path in Vehicles need to color correction and background remove and then to make a shadow. So, if you are searching to outsource auto image editing with trusted editing vendor? Get a quote now with verified our photo editing quality !!

Key Features : Monthly & Weekly Payment  Real Time Delivery  Safe FTP  Easy Files Upload & Download System Dedicated Designer For Regular Clients

outsource auto image clipping

Are you Looking Photoshop Editing Expert - Who Always Focus on Auto Photos Clipping Quality? Let's Trial Today Rainbow Clipping !!

Photoshop & Lightroom Editing Services For Photographers & eCommerce Shop

Rainbow Clipping provide cheap cost professional photo editing & retouching services for professionals photographer, online eCommerce shop and retailers. Our designers have years of live experience of photoshop & lightroom to done successfully every individual projects. For businessman and photographer we provide the following terms of name of photoshop and lightroom editing service:

Photo Cutout, Add White Background, Remove Doll, Dummy Remove, Image Clean, Baby Kids editing & retouching, Pet image processing, Watch and Jewelry Retouch and edit, Cell/Mobile Image enhance, Neck joint, Ghost Mannequin effect/edit, Car/Auto Photo Manipulation.

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I have found Rainbowclipping to be honest, loyal and hard working to please. I can honestly recommend that you will be happy with anything that you need done in regards to his work. thank you

Ron Albanese

Add Pure White Background to Photo

Rainbow Clipping comes with solutions “add white background to photo” for photographers and online eCommerce shop with years of experienced 15 photoshop designers. If you are retailers or business owners and want to optimized webshop images for ecommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, Alibaba and Amazon to increase product sales and make your customers happy! SEND IMAGE NOW.

Why Our Add White Background Service

❤️Keep Original Colour ❤️Focus on Quality ❤️Fast Turnaround

watch retouch


Do you ever think! Why a photographer give maximum effort as well as time on editing photos after photo shooting. Yes! We understand reasons behind your best effort for a single photo. It is a matter of quality ensures with combination of various tasks such as clipping path, retouching, image masking, image shadow creation, photo cleaning, neck joint / ghost mannequin remove, image background remove and so on. To do these complex works you may hampered your regular shooting and may compromise with the quality as it takes more time. It will be amazing! If you get an online photo editing service like us, which May relief you from mental pressure, utilization of time for your core job.  Photography clipping path is a trusted friend of you to be on your side as on 24/7 basis which relief you from a sleepless or restless night. We are offering you background removal service as well as photo retouching service, color collection service and so on at a minimum price by ensuring without compromising quality.

Clipping path service is not a fashion rather it’s the mandatory requirement of Photoshop image editing task in this modern world. It is the procedure of cut out background, object removal, creating multi-clipping path, image masking, color correction from image by using 100% Photoshop Pen Tool manually and omitting the outer area which is also known as deep etch. As, each and every photo background not appear as per your requirement, you can’t ignore the clipping path. This process is applicable for both types of edges i.e. soft edge and hard edge.

Rainbow Clipping is a USA based worldwide renowned Photoshop clipping path service provider. It is our strength to provide you quality service at a minimum cost compare to our competitor. Stay connected with us to get your desired outcome. 

Rainbow Clipping ensures you to provide the best effort to create your photo stunning. We use standard Adobe Photoshop to perform clipping path. We offering you all types of clipping path such as simple , medium , complex  and super complex clipping path.

Simple Clipping Path: A straight or rectangular product with no hole or a minimum range of holes is treated as simple clipping path. For example, anyone wants to remove background of a wine glass, it is very easy to do the work by applying a clipping mask around the glass image and the background becomes removed.

Medium Clipping Path: The photos contains multiple holes or curves is treated as medium clipping path. For example, Jewelry items with multiple holes.

Complex clipping Path: Merchandise work which not solid at all and is elaborated is treated as complex clipping path. 

Super Complex clipping Path: Very complex shapes or combination of various simple or compound shapes are treated as super complex clipping path. The characteristics included numerous holes, numerous paths, numerous curves etc. 

Image Masking:  Image masking is a process by which some portions of a photo may hide or may reveal through Photoshop software. There are two (02) types of image masking in Photoshop:

Layer Masking: Layer masking is a Photoshop function by which opacity of various portion of the photo or can hide or reveal various portion of a photo. There is a chance to change the opacity of whole image instead of specific portion if we change it from the layer panel’s opacity slider. We uses layer mask to change the visibility of the layer. We always try to select a soft brush which will make the edge transformation smoother. 

Alpha Channel Masking: 

Clipping Mask: Generally clipping mask uses to determine transparency of another layer. It is different from layer masking because in case of layer mask we use black color on the mask for paint which makes the pixels of the layer invisible. But clipping mask is just opposite of layer mask by which op layer will visible if the bottom layer contains some pixels in that area. In case of no pixels in bottom layer, the pixels on the top layer will be transparent.

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